About Us​

MBAmastermind is a guide to help you save time and stress of figuring out which prep material to use during your GMAT journey. Whatever you may need–from the best way to study to recommending courses–we are here to help you figure it all out.

We are a dedicated team of MBA students who scored in the top six percentile in GMAT. We learned, through our painstaking experience, that finding the right study guide and choosing the right prep materials are crucial to one’s GMAT experience and end results. So MBAmastermind was founded with a mission to help future fellow MBA students realize their full potential in GMAT. 

Consider us your MBA alumni who will give you honest advice on all things GMAT, or a group of friends who have already tested out everything so you can direct your energy on what really matters–studying the GMAT.

Our mission is to help future fellow MBA students realize their full potential in GMAT.

How do we make recommendations?

All the product recommendations are made through rigorous testing by our team for weeks or months. Many of the products have actually been used during our own GMAT preparation. Evaluation criteria are set to standardize the evaluation process among the team. We look for what we think is best for ambitious GMAT takers whose target score is 650 and above. Among many criteria, we emphasize quality over quantity as there is no point in spending time learning low-quality content or practicing 1000+ unrealistic questions. We also look into how effective the course is from the perspective of people from different backgrounds. 

The recommendations you receive are the same that we make to our friends and family. They are the things we would have done if we could turn back time and redo the GMAT all over again.

Cannot find what you are looking for on our website?

Please email us and let us know what other topics you think we should cover. Our team would love to hear your suggestions and feedback, and will do our best to help!