e-GMAT Review

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You may have heard of eGMAT from reviews in online forums (gmatclub praising eGMAT as the best in Verbal, or eGMAT ads boasting that students who used eGMAT boosted their score by 100 in 13 days). If you are skeptical, you are not the only one. We were also wary of its hype and over-the-top marketing ploy, so we spent months researching and going through all its material to save your time.

Here’s our verdict:

eGMAT fares well at Sentence Correction (SC) and analytic reports. Founded in 2010, eGMAT started its journey by teaching SC and later expanded to cover the rest of the Verbal and Quant sections. However, its strength does not extend beyond SC. Its Critical Reasoning (CR) and Reading Comprehension (RC) sections are mediocre. Nothing you cannot find from other preps but the learning experience is much slower. Furthermore, its Quant section is poorer in all aspects.

As such, we recommend using eGMAT only for SC section which is a part of Verbal Online course if your SC is your major area of improvement. Through Verbal Online, you will also have access to useful analytical tools that help detect weakness and strength through practice questions from both eGMAT and GMAT Official Guide (OG) 

Keep on reading to learn more. The Pros and Cons section will be especially helpful to identify whether eGMAT is the right course for you.

Course & Price

Course NameSelf-StudyClassPrivate TutoringPrice
GMAT Online$349
Verbal Online$249
Quant Online$249

All courses have 6-month access and are relatively affordable compared to other self-study GMAT prep in the market. GMAT Online course comprises of Quant, Verbal, and IR. However, the most popular course is Verbal Online which comprises only Verbal and IR materials. 

Interestingly, Quant Online only includes Quant section and no IR, despite charging the same price. So, quantity-wise, Verbal Online provides more value than Quant Online.

Key Features

  • Video lessons
  • 1,000+ practice questions
  • Performance analytics
  • Personalized study planner
  • Email support within 24 hours

Reserved only for the GMAT Online course, eGMAT also offers over 10 full-length mock exams in an attempt to mimic the experience of the actual GMAT computer-adaptive test and help you analyze your performance. 

Program Structure

First, you will be asked to take a diagnostic test and set an appointment with an expert from eGMAT, who will help you personalize your study plan. The study planner is very specific, telling you how long you should spend on a subject. However, it is only effective if you exert effort to stick with the plan.

egmat study plan

Once your direction is set, you will then proceed to go through eGMAT video lessons. The lessons are very extensive: 90+ hours for Verbal and 70+ for Quant. Each lesson is then followed by quizzes to test your understanding of concept and lesson retention. Here are some examples of lesson format.

eGMAT video lesson

Example of the video presentation

eGMAT quiz

Quiz at the end of each lesson

eGMAT provides a large pool of practice problems in a feature called ‘Scholaranium’ which categorizes the massive question bank as well as the retired Official GMAT questions in detail by topic and level of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. The platform displays your performance report on each topic so you can analyze and re-strategize your game plan.

Additionally, if you choose to purchase GMAT Online, you will gain exclusive access to 10 mock tests, 5 of which are created by eGMAT called ‘Sigma-X’. (But anyone can access to 1 Sigma-X mock for free). The unique selling point of Sigma-X mocks is that it provides an in-depth report of your performance, similar to the official GMAT Enhanced Score Report but better as you will also get the constructive feedback, not just the stats.

One important note about the SIGMA-X Mocks is that its questions are drawn from the Scholaranium, so if you have already used Scholaranium to a certain degree you will not be able to take the mocks.

egmat mock

Example of stats from Sigma-X mock. The information is very similar to the official GMAT Enhanced Score Report.

eGMAT’s course structure seems like a decent prep overall with all the promising features. However, upon going through all its materials and features, here’s what we found out about eGMAT courses:


  • Tedious learning experience: eGMAT’s content is extremely extensive and repetitive at times, making its course very time consuming to complete and not suitable for working professionals. Moreover, the instructor’s voice is very monotonous which is problematic for your retention because nothing stands out. The repetition, the sheer volume of contents, and the bland lecture make the learning process dull and, more importantly, can easily bury important concepts.
Very time consuming to complete and not suitable for working professionals.
  • Not suitable for native English speakers: The course is prepared by non-native English speakers so verbal lessons can be so detailed that native speakers will most likely find the solutions and analysis process daunting. Grammatical mistakes are also present in both content and questions.
  • Ineffective Quant section: A promising GMAT lesson is one that teaches you both concept and test-taking strategy. Unfortunately, the Quant module in eGMAT covers little test-taking strategy and focuses heavily on the basic foundation. In fact, the content coverage is so broad that you will be presented with concepts that are not required to do well in the actual GMAT quant section. 

    Take a look at an example below on divisibility rule for 2:
egmat Quant lesson

Does it have to be this complicated? How troublesome are you going to re-learn all these steps and apply them in the actual GMAT exam?

Firstly, no, it doesn’t have to be this complicated. In fact, many 51Q scorers don’t even know that this method exists, and yet they earn a perfect score. It’s simply because this rule doesn’t matter.

Secondly, the whole process is daunting, and the solution method is unnecessarily long and impractical for a 2-minutes time frame. 

As a result, learning Quant lessons via eGMAT will take you a much longer time to complete than you are supposed to, while the lessons also do not cover adequate test-taking strategy. Clearly, the return on time investment is sub-optimal.

The content coverage in Quant section is so broad that you will be presented with concepts that are not required.


  • Great Sentence Correction module: A test prep that covers all grammar rules tested in GMAT is rare. eGMAT’s SC module thoroughly covers all concepts tested and provides very detailed, yet simple explanation. The approach is very helpful for non-native English speakers to build a strong foundation in grammar and ace SC.

    Tips and tricks are shared throughout the lessons to help you correctly apply grammar rules. The example below shows how eGMAT uses diagrams to help illustrate how to identify the correct function of a Verb-ed in a sentence.
egmat Sentence Correction lesson
Very helpful for non-native English speakers to build a strong foundation in grammar and ace SC.
  • Great practice question platform: In Scholaranium, you can customize the practice set in detail so that you can focus on your weak areas. This feature is very useful and makes an otherwise overwhelming process more manageable as you work on your weak areas, one by one, until it becomes your areas of strength.

    As shown below, we can customize the platform to focus on hard questions only from SC’s Parallelism.
Customized quiz

eGMAT just launched a Scholaranium OG which means you can now use Scholaranium platform alongside GMAT Official Guide. This will be extremely helpful in your practice using actual retired questions!

Answer explanations are delivered in text format with a full solution thought process. Furthermore, there is an additional Q&A section where students can post questions directly to the instructor if the provided explanation is still unclear to them, and the instructor will reply within 24 hours. For tricky questions, you will most likely see more than 10 angles of explanations on a question via the Q&A section, so it’s likely that your most obscure questions have already been asked and clarified.

egmat detailed answer explanation

Example of the solution’s  thought process

egmat answer explanation

Example of answer explanation

egmat FAQ section

Example of the Q&A section

Quality of questions and answers are generally good for SC as they are easily adaptable from actual GMAT questions. However, we find question framing for CR and RC questions a little off, and the subtlety of the language does not fully mirror the official questions. The quality of explanation also does not add up to SC’s level, and is even more noticeable in Quant.

Gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses so that you can easily analyze and take appropriate steps to improve your performance.
  • Insightful analytic report: eGMAT does an excellent job in effectual use of your data. It collects data from your performance in practice problems or mocks, and reports useful numbers and charts. You will be able to gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses so that you can easily analyze and take appropriate steps to improve your performance.

    The level of insights is even better with Sigma-X mock. Example below shows the overall score report in Verbal Section via Sigma-X platform. It also helps you evaluate your score for each section
egmat analytics

We have a recent GMAT taker who scored 38 in Verbal in the actual exam to take the Sigma-X mock and the result turned out to be quite close, 36 in Verbal. From the overall report, we can clearly see that CR is his weakest area and he needs to focus his energy on this section if he wants to see a drastic improvement in verbal score.

The platform helps analyze your time management as well. Based on the questions you have answered incorrectly, it gives you constructive feedback and actionable plans to improve your performance.

Is eGMAT worth it?

If you are a non-native English speaker and you need serious help with SC, then eGMAT’s Verbal Online could be one of the best options for you. eGMAT SC module is very comprehensive and contains adequate, detailed explanation. You will also gain access to useful analytical reports that will help you target your areas of improvement.

However, because eGMAT lessons are very heavy in nature, studying CR and RC though eGMAT might not give you optimal results, especially in respect to time investment. For that, we recommend Power Score Critical Reasoning Bible and/or CR and RC in Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides.

If you are a non-native English speaker and you need serious help with SC, then eGMAT’s Verbal Online could be one of the best options for you.

You can try eGMAT for free with very limited access, or enroll the course to get full access with 7-day return policy if you have signed on for less than 7 hours and attempted only one Sigma-X mock test.

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