Magoosh GMAT Review

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If you have just begun your GMAT journey, and inevitably researching for a budget GMAT prep, then you have come to the right place. Magoosh’s Premium GMAT prep is a favorable choice; it is a flexible self-study option that costs a fraction of most GMAT prep courses. Magoosh is perfect for GMAT beginners who start off with a weak foundation and need at least 50-point score improvement. Its course covers all basic concepts and gives you additional practice to GMAT questions. 

In this article, we will cover all relevant aspects of this prep course and provide key considerations for you to make an informed decision whether Magoosh is a suitable companion in your GMAT journey.

Course & Price

Course NameSelf-StudyClassPrivate TutoringPrice
Math + IR$219
Tutoring + Premium$799

Premium course is Magoosh’s most popular course. It is a comprehensive self-study package that covers all sections in GMAT (Quant, Verbal, IR, and AWA.) With its generous 1 year access, Magoosh Premium is the most affordable GMAT prep available. In this review, we will focus on this flagship course. 

Math + IR course is similar to the Premium course, but only covers Quant and IR sections. These two sections are Magoosh’s strength. 

Tutoring + Premium course is the combination of the Premium course with 6 hours of flexible and remote private tutoring. Tutoring can help you set up or evaluate your study plan and provide personalized strategies. Each tutor is different; therefore, we cannot comment on the tutoring experience as it completely depends on your personal preference. But for the unbeatable price of less than $100 per hour, it is a bargain. 

Key features in Premium course

  • Video lessons
  • Over 1,300 practice questions
  • Mobile app to study on-the-go
  • Quick email assistant
  • Pause your plan
  • 50 points score guarantee

Reserved only for the Premium course, Magoosh GMAT also offers 2 full-length practice tests in an attempt to mimic the experience of the actual GMAT computer-adaptive test and help predict your score. However, we don’t see any value-add from this feature because the questions are the exact same questions from the practice question bank and the scoring does not at all provide a reliable indicator to your score. Therefore, we would advise completely ignoring this feature from your study plan.

In fact, the only reliable practice test is the GMAT Official Practice Exam itself. There are 6 exams available and we highly recommend you purchase and practice all 6 of them prior to taking the exam.

Program Structure

The course is actually another resource for Magoosh’s study plans that are available for free. Other resources include Magoosh’s mobile apps and blog, GMAT Official Guides, Manhattan Prep materials, and forums. The study plan is very detailed, specifying when to watch which video lessons or when to practice which questions.

Lessons are clearly outlined and delivered in 340 short, concise videos. A sneak peek of the video lesson and the entire curriculum offered can be seen here. The video lessons are mostly in text format with a voice-over reading the text so the learning experience can be dull. There are 5 quizzes at the end of each topic to test your understanding of the concept.

The video lessons are mostly in text format with a voice-over reading the text.

On practice questions, there are over 1,300 questions categorized by topic and level of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, and very hard.

Magoosh GMAT practice

Your time spent answering a question is recorded and compared to other students’ pace. Explanation to answers is available via both text and video. Here is an example of the video explanation format.

Magoosh GMAT answer explanation

At the end of answered explanations, there are links to related lessons to help you navigate where to review the concept tested. In some questions, Magoosh also addresses students’ frequently asked questions on how to solve the problem.

Magoosh GMAT answer explanation FAQ

Although the course includes 2 full-length practice tests, as mentioned, you should ignore this feature as the questions are taken from the question bank pool and its scoring algorithm does not reflect the real GMAT exam score. However, we don’t see this as a flaw, but rather an attempt to provide comprehensive prep resources to its clients. So far, no third party prep provider can successfully replicate the real exam.

Now that you have read all its features and structure, here is the rundown on Magoosh GMAT Premium course’s pros and cons:


  • Affordable price: With its generous 1-year access, Magoosh GMAT Premium is the cheapest comprehensive GMAT prep available. The price per month is merely less than $20.
  • Flexible study: Not only Magoosh offers an extensive access period, but you will also have the option to pause the subscription simply by sending an email. The course is entirely self-paced and also accessible via mobile phone or tablet for study on-the-go.

    The mobile app interface is very user friendly. Having this option to study is really convenient for busy professionals to sneak in a few minutes to study during the day.
Magoosh GMAT mobile app
Magoosh GMAT mobile app

  • Comprehensive lessons: Magoosh GMAT Premium course covers all sections tested in the exam. The course is well structured, providing GMAT beginners a preliminary outline of the otherwise scattered GMAT curriculum.

    The course is good for building GMAT foundations, especially in quantitative reasoning and integrated reasoning sections. Basic concepts are all covered and its video lessons incorporate test-taking strategies throughout the course.
The course is good for building GMAT foundations in quantitative reasoning and integrated reasoning sections.
  • Additional practice questions: Magoosh Premium course offers a relatively large question bank, with over 1,300 questions. This will give you extra practice in addition to the GMAT Official Guides

    Magoosh’s math question bank is phenomenal in its quality and difficulty level. Questions are realistic and the very hard questions set can be a great resource to practice for the tail-end 50-51 score in the quant section.

    Our favorite feature is the filter feature that pulls questions by topic and difficulty level: easy, medium, hard, and very hard. This feature will help you spot your weak areas so you can make appropriate plans to work on the issue.
  • Detailed explanation: Magoosh’s detailed explanation to help students understand and solve a problem is impressive, allowing students to choose between video and text format for the explanations. Its video explanation comes highly recommended. However, what sets Magoosh apart is that it occasionally incorporates pictures and diagrams to help make difficult concepts easier to understand and solve.

    Here, the complicated mixture question is much more intuitive with pictures and diagrams:
Magoosh Quant
  • Effective assistance team:  You can ask questions regarding any area of GMAT or the course via Email Assistant feature and will get prompt responses within 24 hours. The answers are very helpful, and they will even go above and beyond to help you with questions from external materials when appropriate.

    Additionally, Magoosh customer service is very understanding and flexible, making any request or pausing the subscription very simple. Some even receive a free one-month extension upon request.
  • 50 points score guarantee: This is an impressive commitment for a prep course, let alone from one of the most affordable prep courses in the market. Magoosh comes with a money-back guarantee. Upon purchasing the course, your overall score will increase at least 50 points otherwise Magoosh will give you a full refund. The refund conditions are realistic and doable, and not just a marketing gimmick.
A 50-point guarantee is an impressive commitment for a prep course, let alone from one of the most affordable prep courses in the market.


  • Lack of in-depth lessons: Video lessons are short and focus on basic concepts. Magoosh does not dig deep into a topic and does not provide adequate advanced lessons. Although learning basic concepts may be a good starting point to build your foundation, it is clearly not enough to help you earn impressive scores. Therefore, it would be difficult to get an overall score above 700 just by learning from Magoosh alone.
  • Significantly weaker verbal: Magoosh’s verbal section does not provide thorough content for students to rely on. Although some English native speakers might find the course helpful in understanding the concept tested; however, if you are a non-native speaker, the verbal section may not be an adequate study material for you. This applies to both the lessons and practice questions.

    Let’s take a look at an example from a lesson in Sentence Correction. Magoosh contributes significantly more lesson time on this section than Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections combined. Logically, the Sentence Correction section should be the most detailed topic in Magoosh’s verbal section.

    But what do you notice in the first point on the “Like” vs “As” rule below?
Magoosh Sentence Correction

Obviously, there are more detailed criteria between using Like and As than simply just nouns and clauses. In fact, “As” can also be used with nouns when we denote real situations or roles. For example, “As a doctor, Sarah performs surgery”. There is nothing wrong with this sentence if Sarah is a doctor. However, if she’s not, then “Like a doctor, Sarah performs surgery” is the correct choice. As you can see, there is more to the correct usage of “Like” and “As” than simply nouns and clauses. The content in Magoosh’s verbal section is too simplistic.

The quality of verbal practice question is not as good as the quant section in framing the answer options, the language, and the tone. More notably, in hard and very hard questions, they do not meet the nuances and the subtleties of 700+ questions, but rather a more complicated version of 600+ questions.

If you are a non-native speaker, then Magoosh’s verbal lesson may not be an adequate study material for you

Is Magoosh GMAT worth it?

Magoosh GMAT is the best value if you are a native English speaker who has just begun your GMAT preparation. It lays a foundation in terms of concept and strategy, especially in Quant and IR sections. Although many native English speakers might find Magoosh’s verbal curriculum helpful, the quality of the material is not adequate for non-natives in both lessons and practice problems. Overall, there are no in-depth lessons in Magoosh so it should be used in conjunction with other advanced resources to maximize your score. 

Magoosh’s customer service and personal Email Assistance are impressive and invaluable to your GMAT journey. But what’s more impressive is that it also offers a bold 50-points increase guarantee. All things considered, the price for its 1-year-access Premium course is very affordable. 

If you are still unsure, there is a free 5-days trial which will give you some access to its materials. Or you can also consider enrolling in the course with discount to access the full resource, with 7 days money-back guarantee.

Currently, Magoosh subscribers get an exclusive 40% discount on GMAT™ Official Practice Exams, a supplementary offer outside your Magoosh subscription!

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